The Cord of Saint Philomena


One of the notable and tangible forms of devotion to the great Virgin Martyr Saint Philomena would be the use of her cord. Saint John Marie Vianney (an ardent devotee of Saint Philomena) blessed and distributed many Saint Philomena’s cords to propagate greater devotion to his “dear little Saint”.


Composed of cotton, linen or woollen threads, this cord comes in the colors red and white to symbolize the bloody martyrdom and virginity of Saint Philomena respectively. Devotees can wear her cord around their waist and recite the following prayer below daily:


“Saint Philomena, Virgin and Martyr, pray for us that through thy powerful intercession we may obtain that purity of mind and heart which leads to the perfect love of God. Amen.”


Moreover, the miracles and benefits of Saint Philomena’s cord are numbered in the hundreds. Be it deliverance from physical ailments to protection against temptations, Saint Philomena’s cord has not failed to disappoint, provided devotees wear it with good intentions and great faith. A particular efficacy of Saint Philomena’s cord would be deliverance from temptations against purity. This is because God intends to reward Saint Philomena for her adherence to this angelic virtue till the very end of her life.


Also not to be missed are the plenary indulgences attached to Saint Philomena’s cord (with the necessary conditions):



1.On the day on which the cord is worn for the first time.

2. On the 25th of May, the anniversary of the opening of St. Philomena's tomb in the Catacombs of Saint Priscilla.

3. On August 11, her proper Feast.

4. On December 15, the anniversary of the approbation of the cord by the Holy See.

5. At the moment of death, under the ordinary conditions.


Apart from point 5, it is required to go to confession, receive Holy Communion, make a visit to some church to pray for the intentions of the Pope, in order to gain the indulgences.