3. St. Philomena and the Blessed Virgin Mary 

When the threats of torment and unspeakable suffering were hurled at our dear little Saint Philomena during her painful martyrdom, Saint Philomena recommended herself unceasingly to Jesus and also to His Blessed Virgin Mother Mary. Terror gripped this girl saint but her Faith and confidence in Almighty God and the Blessed Virgin Mary was firm as a rock.


Let us read and contemplate the ordeal Saint Philomena went through and how she always sought refuge in Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary:

Prayer supported me. I did not cease to recommend myself  to Jesus and his most pure Mother.

My captivity had lasted thirty-seven days, when, in the midst of a heavenly light, saw Mary holding the Divine Son in her arms.

‘My daughter,’ she said to me, ‘three days more of prison and after forty days you shall leave this state of pain.’

Such happy news made my heart beat with joy, but as the Queen of Angels had added that I should quit my prison, to sustain, in frightful torments a combat far more terrible than those preceding, I fell instantly from joy to the most cruel anguish; I thought it would kill me.

‘Have courage, my child,’ Mary then said to me; ‘are you unaware of the love of predilection that I bear for you? The name, which you received in baptism, is the pledge of it for the resemblance which it has to that of my Son and to mine.

You are called Lumena, as your Spouse is called Light, Star, Sun, as I myself am called Aurora, Star, the Moon in the fullness of its brightness, and Sun. Fear not, I will aid you.

Now nature, whose weakness humbles you, asserts its law.

In the moment of combat, grace will come to lend you its force, and your Angel, who was also mine, Gabriel, whose name expresses strength, will come to your aid. I will recommend you especially to his care, as the well beloved among my children.’

These words of the Queen of virgins gave me courage again, and the vision disappeared, leaving my prison filled with a celestial perfume. I experienced a joy out of this world. Something indefinable.”